Bodybuilding Categories - What Are They?

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Despite the fact that the science of bodybuilding is more than one hundred years old, remains very popular in modern times.

Bodybuilding enthusiasts may already be familiar with what this article covers. But can those new to bodybuilding not aware that there are actually four types of bodybuilding. These categories are based on the age and gender of the individual and the goal they want to achieve.

The four categories are:

1. Professional Bodybuilding 

Professional bodybuilding is the category that appeals to people who want to qualify to compete and win in competitions. The initial level of the competition is the amateur level. At the amateur level, they can start earning points and hopefully qualify for enrollment in the major professional leagues.

The IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) is the top-rated organization for professional bodybuilders worldwide. Amateurs who gain official competitions have the opportunity to receive their IFBB pro card. Once a bodybuilder he or she is a pro will not be eligible to enter any future amateur matches are. But, they are mostly welcome to guests posing.

2. Natural Bodybuilding 

Some drugs and other substances, such as steroids, are illegal and its use has been banned from competitions for professional bodybuilders. However, so they have not eliminated the use of illegal and banning them. Bodybuilders who continue to use them have been strongly criticized for their actions .. Because of this controversy, bodybuilding competitions are divided into natural and competitions. All participants in a natural competition will be administered a drug test. This test is done to ensure that participants will way.

Natural bodybuilding means that you develop a well-shaped physique without the help of illegal drugs, including steroids. The NPA (Natural Physique Association) and other organizations have been formed for natural bodybuilders. Muscle building supplements and other natural bodybuilding products that are not allowed are not allowed by the different organizations.

A former drug user can compete in natural competitions as the minimum period of purity is reached.

3. Female Bodybuilding

Until the 1970s, women were more focused on general fitness, bodybuilding not because of the competition. When Arnold Schwarzenegger in the spotlight came, women were more interested in hardcore fitness and female bodybuilding.

For very obvious reasons, women compete in separate competitions of the males. Both natural and professional competitions are available for women. One of the most important is the Ms. Olympia which started in 1980.

4. Teenage Bodybuilding

There are also bodybuilding shows and games for teenagers that are determined by their age group. Most of the competitors teeming teen parent. By far, to provide drug testing in order to protect the teens the largest part of these shows. Because of their age and stage of human development, are teenagers undergoing natural hormone peaks and are encouraged to get these muscles to help them in the natural way.

A few of the genetic wonders in the world of bodybuilding began when they were teenagers. Now, if someone were to ask, then you know that there are four categories of bodybuilding and what they are.

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