Effects of Testosterone on Men

Effects of Testosterone

Technically defined, Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily by the testes were found specifically in the male. It is the primary hormone that is mainly responsible for the formation of the secondary sex characteristics in men. Even females a percentage of this hormone in their system as well. There is said to be sufficient to constitute the drastic effect on the person of a sudden increase or decrease of the levels. This is one of the reasons why the use of testosterone has been studied carefully. Learning the effects of testosterone will help you gain a better understanding and you will be able to make better choices.

Care will be taken to patients undergoing testosterone. Most of the people who have them are men in their late fifties who wanted to restore their sexual lifestyle, such as in their prime. It is particularly effective in most cases, but it should know that long-term use leads to side effects of testosterone. Some well-known possible effects include: painful erections, nausea, muscle swelling, allergic reactions, shrinking of the testicles and the like. In some cases where the patient is a woman, side effects of testosterone voice hoarseness, excessive hair growth and deepening of the voice of the main effects.

As frightening and ugly as it seems, there is an alternative natural solution available for impotence and other sexual related problems associated with aging. This is a proven method that is paid on a one-time basis and will also make one free from concerns about the effects of testosterone. It contains no artificial unsafe methods, ordinary routines and natural exercises, fun, safe and easy!

Effects of Testosterone

The Direct Effect of Testosterone in Men

Many men over 45 experience a decline in the male hormone testosterone. This can lead to male menopause. It can be caused by disease, damage of the testes, or simply aging. Underlying medical conditions associated with this problem include high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

Dropping testosterone is normal for men as they age. Overall it is a gradual decline so. If there is a rapid decline is more likely to be a problem. You can also have problems with the production of testosterone at any age if the testes are damaged.

The testes may be damaged by a variety of conditions or treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, surgery, acute injury or accident or infection. And that is not the only part of the body that has a hand in the production of testosterone. The pituitary gland and the hypothalamus of the brains are responsible for mediating production.

Damage to any of these parts of the brains will cause this non-normal testosterone production, with the required signals. As a result, testosterone is reduced.

When testosterone decreases, there are a number of different symptoms that many men experience. These can sexual problems such as loss of libido or erectile dysfunction, or problems with stamina like fatigue, weakness and depression. Some men may also find them to develop osteoporosis.

Most men who experience a gradual reduction of testosterone due to aging does not require treatment. For others, who are experiencing significant deficiencies, hormone replacement therapy is an option.

This option should be discussed with your doctor, though. Hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of prostate cancer, so it's not good for anyone. If you are a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy, can be given treatment by oral medications, injections, implants or patches.

Treating the symptoms often works well in many cases. For obesity, your doctor will probably recommend a diet and exercise regimen. For depression, you will probably be given antidepressants.

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